Once homeless himself, in 1985, Herschel Gamble, Founder/CEO, created the Community Supportive Living Systems, Inc.(CSLS). 

It is a non-profit, 501 c (3) organization providing supportive and affordable housing for those who lack the resources to make a full transition into independent living.   Our overall goal is to empower individuals to become independently stable and re-integrate them back into the community.

Our Partners

Charming Neighborhood


Herschel Gamble, Crystal Gamble and the entire staff at CSLS welcomed me into their family and helped me address challenges and overcome barriers through unconditional positive regard and support.

Clarence Rogers

Who would have thought that a homeless veteran with nothing but a duffle bag of clothes who was literally down to his last dollar on a warm night in August would have a twenty year Paramedic career, be trained in cardiology and read EKG’s from all over the world from his living room? You, Mr. G. I don’t know how you saw more in me than even I could imagine from a world of recent pain, insecurities and doubt but you did. The story of who you are to me is truly unbelievable.

Kevin McCalpinere

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