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Due to the physical condition and failing health of clients referred to Emerald House many found it challenging finding shelter programs designed to meet their service and housing needs, particularly those being discharged homeless from hospitals. Being chronically and/or terminally presented a barrier of acceptance or not being appropriate for many other shelter programs.  Much of this rejection by other shelter providers were due to fear and ignorance about HIV/AIDS and not knowing how to service individuals who are ill. 

Emerald House addresses the needs of those with HIV/AIDS by having staff with medical and nursing background, the offering of intensive case management, and a history of over two decades of servicing clients with HIV/AIDS.  With the development of Emerald House many of the barriers that were suffered prior by it HIV/AIDS clients were eliminated.. 

With in-house intensive case management, Clients are assessed and enrolled for both resources and benefits, during the first month of admission in the program.  With case management sessions scheduled weekly, staff are able to monitor the progress of the status of client’s benefits and  re-assessed for benefits.
Emerald House
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