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The Proposed Development and Offerings . . . . . .
As the only senior living resident on Chicago’s far south side and south suburban area that focused on prevention and education for the those with chronic disorders,  CSLS is proposing the construction a four (4) story multi-unit development on vacant land located in University Park, Illinois. 

This proposed project will offer one bedroom apartments and which will contribute greatly to the today’s senior quality of life as well as serve as an architectural introduction into the South Suburban community. Some amenities offerings will include but not limited to 24 hour building supervision, around-the-clock security via staff and strategically placed video equipment, the ability to observe and buzz in their visitors while in their apartment through the resident’s personal TV,  and  scheduled shopping trips via shutter services and gardening experiences. 

The development apartments will be located on the 2nd, 3rd  or 4th levels.  The first (1st) floor will include the common areas e.g. vestibule, laundry facilities, dietary services, support services, social events, and a 2 bedroom living quarters for on-site maintenance personnel who will also contribute to the 24 hour building supervision. 

Focusing on prevention and education, and on an as needed basis on site case management will also be designed and offered to meet the resident (s) individual needs.

The building will be a ‘mixed-income’ development with approximately 50% of the units occupied by households who are below or at 50 percent of the area median income. 
A percentage of the building’s current contemplation of four (4) floors will be designed to complement existing community architectural styles, types and uses.  In addition to the development’s beautifully landscaped  location, being near several community amenities such as, transportation, hospitals, professional services, shopping, and financial services, its’ location offers safety and an environment that is less conducive to those who prey on the elderly.  Fully green in design, this development will also speak to the respect of the community and its’ residents with a sense of dignity and pride.
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