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Situated in a converted and former sixteen-room convent, Emerald House is located on the far south side of Chicago in the West Pullman area. Although Emerald House was developed as a housing resource for the South-side of Chicago, it accepts referrals citywide.  Emerald House serves homeless men who have been HIV/AIDS diagnosed and is chronically and or terminally ill.

One of the major problems Emerald House addresses is the need for permanent supportive housing for men who are homeless, HIV/AIDS diagnosed, chronically, and/or terminally ill.  In the early 1990s many of those who were homeless had been HIV/AIDS diagnosed were literally dying on the streets without services and housing resources.  This was particularly true for those living with HIV/AIDS in the African American communities. It was for that reason in 1994 through an outcry from the community, and requests from the Chicago Department of Public Health and the Chicago Department of Housing, that   Herschel Gamble, who was a Nurse and founder of Community Supportive Living Systems (CSLS) developed Emerald House as permanent supportive housing.

Emerald House was designed for men with HIV/AIDS who were sick and in need of hospice care. Emerald House provide a place for them to call home, receive assistance and care, manage their health as much as possible, and/or to die with dignity.  Because most of Emerald’s clients are permanently disabled, frail, and not able to maintain employment, emphasis is placed on assisting them in maintaining and/or receiving mainstream entitlements/benefits. In addition, to other assessed needs such as in the areas of substance abuse, mental health, on-site provision are in place to address their physical and medical needs i.e. dietary, daily medication monitoring, and seeing to it that they keep their medical appointments.  This alone has stabilized many of those who were at death’s door to the point of returning to permanent housing within the community in reasonable health and living a productive life.  

Due to medical intervention and recent improved medical treatment, a few have been able to returned to employment as well as to school working toward various degrees.  For those clients who have difficulties with activities of daily living (ADL) such as laundry, shopping, cleaning, etc. they are assigned Personal Assistants to assist them.  Three (3) home cooked meals are provided daily.  Twenty-four (24) hour supervision is provided by a, Case Manager and four (4) House Monitors and volunteers.                                                        
Emerald House
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